Hyderabad Traffic Woes - Here's What Can Be Done

Hyderabad is a large city. The transport system here is very extensive. Does this mean that moving around in Hyderabad is easy? Not at all.
There is no shortage of transportation in Hyderabad. However, traffic in this city is mind-boggling. This is a significant factor that influences the growth and productivity of people living and working in Hyderabad.
So, why is Hyderabad facing traffic problems and what are the viable solutions to this problem? Read on to find out

Reasons for Hyderabad traffic
  1. One of the biggest causes of the increasing traffic issue in Hyderabad is the growth in the number of cars plying in the city. There are people who travel alone to their offices in their big cars. It’s hard to explain the motive behind using a big car by a single person when there are other opportunities for commuting to work.
  2. Another cause of traffic jam is people violating the traffic rules. Most two-wheelers and car drivers don’t follow the traffic rules to reduce their journey time. This becomes a reason for heavy traffic jam in the city.
  3. Inadequate parking space is another contributor to the traffic problem in Hyderabad. Illegal parking in front of shopping centres, malls and restaurants hinders the flow of vehicles and causes congestion.
  4. Metro network in Hyderabad connects a lot of places. However, a lot of places are yet to get access to metro connectivity. A more extensive network of metro rails will definitely serve as a source of traffic relief in the city.

The traffic condition in Hyderabad is something that requires immediate attention from the concerned authorities and the common people. Here are some of the things that could help in aiding the traffic control issue in the city.

Some Viable Solutions
  1. Car and bike pool
    People don’t have to commute to work alone on their two-wheelers and four-wheelers when they can share their ride with others. This can drastically bring down the number of vehicles on the road.
  2. Proper execution of traffic rules
    Proper execution of traffic rules is an excellent way to control traffic and evade accidents. This can bring great results when done consistently.
  3. Public parking areas
    There should be allocated spaces in and around the city for parking two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. This will help decrease intermittent parking in no-parking spaces and reduce traffic congestion.

If you’re travelling by metro in Hyderabad, check out the metro train timings.